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Buenos Aires 3D

Professional Services

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Spanish version

Personalize "Buenos Aires 3d", for very  exclusive promotional campaigns,or as the most special gifts...

Possible ways to adapt "Buenos Aires 3d" to your Company needs:

- Special designs of the CD cover  sheets, with your Company Logo. ( No changes in the CD content itself)
- Personalized Version of the CD ROM, with a presentation Page, with your Company Logo and texts , and some galeries and/or sub-galeries with tridimensional Photographs, showing your products or services.

Creation of an Interactive 3d CD-ROM for your Company:

-Personalized pages based on your Comapny needs.
Stereoscopic photographs galeries, shot with last generation equipement and processes.
- Customized 3d glasses, specially calibrated with the 3d Images, printed with your Company Logo and designs.
- Several years of internacional experience in the 3d field, ensure a máximum 3d image  and photographic quality, using the most advanced techniques on applied modern stereoscopy.




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Stock photography by Bernardo+Galmarini at Alamy