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About Bernardo Galmarini:    


Professional photographer, and expert in stereoscopy. Studied Design of Image and Sound (University of Buenos Aires) and some years of Mathematics (U.B.A). 

Since 2001 works in some T.V programs as Lighting Director and Cameraman, and as a Stereoscopy consultant for companies in USA, Latin America and Europe.

From 2005 up to date, he works intensivelly as a freelance Stock  photographer for several "Stock Libraries" in Europe and Argentina ( His photographs and articles about photography have been Published in several books, newspapers, magazines and brochures, like: The New York Post (USA), Svet Magazine (Cezch Republic), The british Journal of Photography (U.K), Photo Plus Magazine (U.K), Aique-Larousse Grupo editor (Books Covers 2009, Argentina), Cover of "Todo es Historia" magazine (By Felix Luna)-(Nov. 2008 Issue, Arg.);  The Stereo Window (Detroit Stereographic Society (USA)), Freeze Magazine (USA), Geo Magazine (Spain, 2011), Digital Photo Magazine (USA), National Geographic (Web site), between other publications in Europa, Latin America and U.S.A.

In 2008 founded Argentimagenes Editions (, a postcards and tourism oriented Editing Company, which shows (whith a very personal style) the natural and cultural beauty of Argentina, shooting himself all the photographs used in the postcards and posters produced and edited.  

In October 2009, was selected as "fixer" (assistant)  by the award winning National Geographic Traveler Magazine photographer: Bob Krist, for an article about Buenos Aires published by this Magazine.

Stock photography by Bernardo+Galmarini at Alamy